No. Name Title
1. Abu Hassan Ibrahim Work Life Balance Among Working Mothers
2. Ariff Md Ab Malik (Dr.) Moderating Openness to Experience on the Relationship Between Information System Success Factors and Customer Satisfaction among Social Commerce Users: Brand Page of Facebook Platform.
3. Badariah Mohd Saad An Investigation on the Environmental Risk Factors and Legal Enforcement of Drugs and Substance Abuse among Youth
4. Dayang Nailul Munna Abg Abdullah Knowledge Sharing Behavior among Employees
5. Hadijah Iberahim (Dr.) Halal Hubs Selection Expert System using Analytics Hierarchy Process
6. Jalilah Ahmad Proposing Cofe Matrix As Competency Model For Role Of Exhibitions And Conventions Professionals
7. Juliana Noor Kamaruddin The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Household Debt : An Application to Malaysia
8. Mashitah Mohamed Esa Factors Contributing To The Defect In Wafer Fabrication Process: A Case Study Of Manufacturer In Semiconductors Product
9. Melissa Shahrom (Dr.) Usage of Location-Based Services (LBS) by using Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Constructs
10. Naffisah Mohd Hassan (Dr.) A Risk Factor of Mobile Addiction among Gen Y
11. Narehan Hassan (Dr.) The Mediating Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the Relationship Between Leadership Comptencies and Employee Engagement Among Employees
12. Noor Azura Dahalan Ascertaining Effects of Recognition and Rewards, Work Life Balance and Internal Communication Towards Employee Engagement among Engineering Employees in Malaysia
13. Nor Akila Mohd Kassim Seasoned Equity Offerings and Long Term Performance: A Study In Malaysia
14. Nor Azian Abdul Rahman Examining the Factors That Influence Blended Learning Satisfaction among Tertiary
15. Nor Fazalina Salleh The Study on the Dimensions of Organizational Culture and Employees' Job Performance: Viewpoint From The Public Sector
16. Nor Hashima Hashim (Dr.) Investigating Social Influence And Eco Label Factors On Green Purchasing Intention Of Home Electronic Products
17. Nor Intan Adha Hafit Islamic Credit Card Acceptance Model (ICCAM): Empirical Analysis Applying SEM-PLS Approach
18. Norfadzilah Abdul Razak Study of Relational Model and Willingness to Share Knowledge
19. Norshima Humaidi (Dr.) Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance Behaviour: New Development of Health Belief Model
20. Nurakmal Ramli The Impact Of Perceived Service Quality On Attendees' Satisfaction Towards An Exhibition
21. Nur Aizureen Anwar Trust: The Moderating Role Between Industrial Relations Climate and Industrial Relations Outcomes In The Malaysian Unionized Organization.
22. Nur Farhana Mohd Sah Modification of Economic Psychological Model In Profiling Graduates for Entrepreneurship In Event Management
23. Ridhawati Zakaria A Study on Effects of Organization Conflict on Team Performance
24. Sazimah Mohamed Salleh Conceptualizing User Bonding On Strategic Information System Development Success
25. Shamsul Azren Mohd Shukur Engaging The Echo Boomers: Teamwork At Workplace
26. Sharifah Fazirah Syed Ahmad Leadership Traits From Islamic Perspective And Employee Engagement
27. Wan Soraya Wan Abdul Ghani Assessing The Relationship Between Brand Equity Towards The Success Of Sports Event Sponsorship: The Case Of Local Running Event
28. Zarina Abdul Munir From The Mouth of Y-Ers: Determinants of Teamwork in Malaysia