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Number of lecturers (Shah Alam and Puncak Alam Campuses) = 339

Of these:

Lecturers with PhD as the highest qualification = 88 (26% of total lecturers)
Lecturers with Masters as the highest qualification = 251 (74% of total lecturers)

(See Figure 1)

Figure 1 Lecturers and Highest Qualification

Professors = 14 (4% of total lecturers)
Associate Professors = 65 (19% of total lecturers)
Senior Lecturers = 112 (33% of total lecturers)
Lecturers = 148 (44% of total lecturers)

(See Figure 2)

Figure 2 Lecturers and Designations

Rohani Bt Mohd.
MBA (UTM); BBA (UIA); Dip. in Marketing (KUSZA)


Rohaya Bt Mohd Hussein
MBA (Management)(Missouri-Kansas City); BBA (Management)(Western Michigan); Dip. in Public Admin. (ITM)


Rokiah Bt Hassan (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
Ph.D (Investment Finance)(Cardiff); MBA (Southern Illinois); B.Sc (Finance)(Southern Illinois); DBS (ITM)


Rosalan Bin Ali (Prof. Dr.)
Ph.D (Finance)(Dublin); MBA (General Business)(Central Missouri State); BBA (Finance)(Western Michigan); DBS (ITM)


Rosena Bt Mohd Ali
MBA (UPM); Business Admin.(ITM); P/Graduate Dip. Mgmt. Studies (Polytechnic Central London, UK)


Roshidi Bin Hassan (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haji)
Ph.D (UPM); M.PA (Personnel Mgmt.)(Southern California); B.BA (Finance)(California State U. Fresno.)


Rosidah Bt Musa (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)
Ph.D (Marketing)(Cardiff); MBA (New Hampshire College);

B.Sc. in Bus. Admin.(Indiana State); Dip. in Accountancy (ITM)


Rosli Bin Abdul Rahim (Assoc. Prof.)
MBA (Finance)(Western Michigan); DBS (ITM); BBA (Finance)(Western Michigan)


Roslina Bt Ab. Wahid (Dr)
PhD (Operations Mgmt) (New Zealand); M.Sc (Man. Bus. Excell (Salford); BBA (Operations Mgmt)(ITM); Dip. Accountancy (ITM)


Rosmimah Bt Mohd Roslin (Prof. Dr. Hajah)
Ph.D (Marketing)(Keele); MBA (Marketing)(Western Illinois); Bus. (Marketing)(Indiana); DBS (ITM)


Ruhaini  Bt Muda (Dr.)
Ph.D (Economics) (UKM); MBA (Uitm), B. Econs (IIUM)


Ruzita Bt Baah (Hajah)
Master of Arts (Economics)(Memphis); B.A.(Hons) (Economics)(North Texas State)


Saadiah Bt Mohamad (Prof. Dr. Hajah)
Ph.D (Economics)(UKM); Master of Arts (Economics)(Missouri); B.A.(Hons)(Town&Country Plan)(Manchester)


Sabariah Bt Jemali (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hajah)
Ph.D (Transport) (Leeds); M.Sc (Trans. Planning & Eng.)(Leeds); Chart. Inst. of Transport (UK)


Sabariah Bt Mohamad (Assoc. Prof.)
M.Sc. in Transport (Uwist Cardiff); Adv.Dip.Bus.Admin. (Transport)(ITM)


Sabariah Bt Yusoff
Master of Economics (UIA); B.A (Hons) Economics (York, Toronto)