Master in Customer Service Management is a programme specially designed to prepare the customer service executives with new knowledge and insights in the field of customer service management. This programme leverages on the unique integration of various disciplines such as service management, information technology, and communication to ensure the graduates are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to prosper in the industry.
An important part of our value proposition is also the invaluable international network of academics and business practitioners who are involved in developing and participating in this programme.

Program Overview

This program is designed

  • to provide students with cutting edge knowledge & insights to take customer service management into the 21st century
  • to leverage on transdisciplinary integration in building the requisite skills & knowledge to take the industry to the next level
  • to successfully navigate the practical landscape of customer service management through the effective application of theory into practice
  • to deepen students' knowledge of applied customer service management to undertake practical fieldwork leading to a doctoral degree