In today’s era of globalization with rapid and continuous change in work environment, competitive and sustainable advantage will increasingly depend on our capacity for innovation; the creation and development of something new through know-ledge, skills, and creativity of individuals. This opportunity-focused approach requires a creative state of mind that can react to unexpected problems and opportunities. It is therefore important to promote entrepreneurship education as a stimulus to enterprising behaviour among not only those aspiring to start and run business enterprises, but also those wishing to develop the necessary survival skills in today’s fast changing world.

This programme will be implemented by MASMED, UiTM & Faculty of Business Management, UiTM in cooperation with Malaysia Technology Development Corpo-ration (MTDC).

Upon completion of the programme, the graduates will lead start-up companies in order to commercialise technologies that have been successfully presented (through business plans) and approved by the Panel of Assessors. Eligible start-up companies will have access to funding from MTDC or other financial institutions on top of other services like mentoring, coaching and Business Matching Programme.