The Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM  is the first faculty in Malaysia  to offer this programme. The main goal of this programme is to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and analytical in business economics. Thus creating opportunity for graduates to enhance their career  as an expert in the business and economics field.

One of the important part of our academic proposition is to incorparate the invaluable international network of academics and business practitioners in developing and participating in this programme

Program Overview

 This program is designed

  • to provide a strong foundation in the mechanisms & tools of business economics enabling students to analyse real-life business & policy issues
  • to provide students with the professional expertise to excel in top management positions in related sectors including banking & finance, environment, energy, transport & logistics, & telecommunications
  • to successfully navigate the practical landscape of business economics through the effective application of theory into practice
  • to deepen students' knowledge of applied business economics to undertake practical fieldwork leading to a doctoral degree