The 'AJK Induk Nadi Keusahawanan FBM dan AAGBS' are pleased to announce that we won a sub-award for one of the assessment criteria, which is. 'Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning'. It was also a joyful achievement as our Faculty received a cash award of 2,000 Ringgit Malaysia. The 'Champion' Faculty and Branch Campus were FSPU and UiTM Terengganu respectively. Associate Professor Dr. Abdol Samad Nawi of FBM, who is the 'Pengarah Kampus' of UiTM Terengganu, is of note in this regard. Our compliments to him!
We are very grateful to Professor Dr. Zaini , Professor Dr. Saadiah, Associate Professor Dr. Jaafar Pyeman and Associate Professor Hjh Haslina Ahmad for having stayed up so late the night before the assessment day to spruce up the presentation proper (slide show and spokesperson's delivery).
We also honour the support all the way through (semi-final and final competition) from our ex-Dean, Professor Dr. Faridah; ex-students - Fatin Suhana,Shah-Arif and Mafrukhin Mokhtar; existing students Nurul Jannah, Quastanalhadi and Nazzrin, technicians Naim and Asrul; Puan Jalilah Ahmad and Associate Professor Normah Dali for teaching & learning evidences; Puan Siti Zaleha Saman; Encik Wan Muslimin of AAGBS; and last but not least to every other personnel of FBM, AAGBS and Johor Corporation whom have contributed directly or indirectly.
Lastly, we should always be proud to a part of FBM!