UiTM Entrepreneurial Award Competition 2013

The UiTM Entrepreneurial Award Competition held on 23rd and 24th October in conjunction with UiTM Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 was a momentous one for FBM and AAGBS.  

Close to judging time, our booth was crowded with contingent from FBM and AAGBS, as well as stakeholders. The notable ones were Prof Dr Faridah (Dean of FBM), Assoc Prof Dr Jaafar (Director of AAGBS), Prof Dr Saadiah (Deputy Dean PJI), Assoc Prof Haslina Ahmad (Deputy Dean Puncak Alam), Dr Ramlee (Deputy Dean Student Affairs), Encik Abdul Rahman Yusoff (JCorp), Dr Azlina Hanif, Dr Zarina Denan, Encik Shamsul Azren, Encik Mohd Shahrul Nizam, Assoc Prof Zaidi Aminuddin, Encik Wan Muslimin Wan Nawang, Encik Muhammad Naim Hussin, Encik Mohamad Asrul Mahamad Razali, existing students (Mafrukhin Mokhtar, Quastanal Hadi & Nuruljannah Mohd Amin), and last but not least ex-students (Shah-Arif Md Shah & Fatin Suhana).

We never had any rehearsal, but we had team spirit and skillful orchestration by Dr. Sofian Shamsuddin; the rest is history. Our booth was also visited by a panel of assessors-cum-audit from the Ministry of Education, and Tan Sri Dato' Sri VC. 

Hopefully we would become the finalist for the Champion award, and/or one of the finalists for the other smaller awards, in the Faculty category, to be decided by MASMED. The announcement of the results would be made during 'Konferensi Akademik', which is to be held sometime in December 2013. A fact that is noteworthy is the Entrepreneurial Award Competition at the UiTM level is an annual affair.   

Last but not least, on behalf of Dr. Sofian Shamsuddin, I would like to convey heartfelt appreciation to the Semi-Final UiTM Entrepreneurial Award 2013 Competition Committee, and lecturers who have contributed in preparing for the 2013 Competition, one way or the other.

Some photos taken during the competition: