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18 students from BM2475L of BBA (Hons) Transport will be in Seoul, South Korea for an international academic visit from the 22nd till 26th of April 2015. The metropolitan city of Seoul, popularly known as the Soul of Asia is phenomenally renowned as one of the world’s modern and environmentally friendly transit system. Therefore, the students of BM2475L aims to explore extensive networks such as bus routes, multiple storey underground train services, urban traffic controls, tourism development and city hall planning and operations. Furthermore, the visit will instill education advancement among students through visiting top notch universities in South Korea such as Incheon National University and premier organizations such as Korea Smart Card Co. Ltd, Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Centre, Namimara Corporation and Samsung Electronics.  In addition, these students will also experience a taste of Korean culture; learn about incredible Korea’s history, breath-taking nature wonders and many more.