International Sustainability Invention, Innovation and Design Showcase (ISIIDS2022)

    The “International Sustainability Invention, Innovation and Design Showcase” (ISIIDS 2022) is a program specially designed to provide opportunities and exposure as well as to highlight the use and application of inventions in sustainable environment.
    The exhibition which will be conducted with the theme “Pathways to Sustainability Innovation” is expected to provide more input and knowledge on products and inventions and their applications in maintaining a sustainable environment. In response to the call of the global vision which encourage transformation in the world of research and innovation, the Faculty of Management and Business (FPP), UiTM Selangor, Puncak Alam Campus has taken the initiative to organizes an innovation and invention competition at the international level.
    Recognising the need to provide opportunities and space for inventors and industries to showcase the creative results of their innovations, it is our responsibility to assist and encourage this culture of innovation and invention. The main targets are researchers from institutions of higher learning and industry, as well as potential researchers; namely secondary and primary school students, from both the public and private sectors who will participate.
    The program will involve several types of activities such as innovation and invention competitions through video presentations and webinars from the industry. The implementation of such competitions is desirable to support the main platform of exposure of researchers, students and industry for the sustainability and sustainability of innovations and inventions exhibited in line with the theme of the program to be conducted.
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    “Pathways to Sustainability Innovation”


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