Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I take part in the competition?
Please look at the Competition Details and download the Project Details document.

2. Will I receive an acceptance letter for my project?
Given that this is a competition, an acceptance letter equivalent to a journal paper acceptance is not a norm.

3. Can you send me confirmation that you have received my registration/submission?
You will be receiving an email for each successful submission. It might take us some time to process the entry. We ask for your patience.

4. I made a mistake with my group member's name, how do I rectify it?
If you’ve made a mistake during the Registration phase, kindly correct the detail in the Submission phase.

5. Can I make multiple group payment? There are 3 competing teams from my school.
Unfortunately, multiple group payment is not available.

6. I can’t upload my file. Is something wrong with the Google Form?
Try doing the following:
If the problem still persists, contact us at 

7. I would like to be a Jury. How can I become one?
Complete the Jury Registration Form. While we highly appreciate your service, we have to inform you that not all applicants will be selected, given that the competition entries come from various fields.

8. How long after the awards ceremony will I receive the e-certificate? I need it for my year-end review.
The e-certificate will be made available one (1) week after the awards ceremony. The Key Contact Person will be receiving an email from us.

9. When will I receive my Jury certificate?
You will receive the e-certificate for acting as the Jury, one (1) month after the judging process.

10. Is there any possibility my project will be rejected?
Projects which are outright plagiarised and ideas which are used not belonging to the proponents will be discouraged from Submission.
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