Participants are encouraged to address these themes in the 10-minute video presentation.  

Applicability: Problem Solving

Provide a problem statement focusing on the significance of the issue. Also, explain the extent of which the idea would solve the issue.

Novelty: Newness and Innovativeness

Explain how the idea differs from existing models/ products/ services, and whether there are any new elements or newness introduced.

Novelty: Unique and creative

Explain how the idea could possibly introduce changes and improvement to the society, economy and/ or the environment.

Business Potential or Application Potential

Explain whether the innovation captures strategies for commercialization or application into non-profit or governmental use. Showcase evidence of collaboration, partnerships and end-use product/ model for business, non-profit or governmental sectors.

Technology Readiness Level – Measurement for Innovation Readiness

Specify the level of innovation readiness based on the Technology Readiness Level. Justify the selection of the Technology Readiness Level for this project.

Intellectual Property

(Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design, IC Layout Design, Geographical Indication) Specify whether the innovation has received Intellectual Property Recognition.

Quality of Presentation

Comprehensive and effective content delivery.
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