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To establish UiTM as a Globally Renowned University of Science, Technology, Humanities and Entrepreneurship

To lead the development of agile, professional bumiputeras through state-of-the-art curricula and impactful research.
Client Charter
For all clients of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM):
  • Students
  • Academics and Staff
  • Parents
  • Industry, and
  • Stakeholders
We offer quality services which are ethical and of high integrity, and undertake to ensure that:
  • All the basic needs for learning, teaching and research, as well as the surrounding environment fulfill the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, the Ministry of Education and professional bodies;
  • All academic programmes are approved, managed and administered in accordance with the university’s rules and procedures;
  • All academic qualifications are recognised by the government, and fulfil the needs of the industry and the relevant professional bodies;
  • The conferment of degrees is carried out within the stipulated period after fulfilling all the necessary requirements;
  • Excellence in academic achievements is identified and duly awarded each year;
  • All proposals and official reports are acted on within a period of one week;
  • Be accessible at all times to provide to the community; and
  • Provide professional and customer-friendly services.
  • UiTM will provide services in accordance with the client charter as practised by the respective entities, namely, the faculties, branch campuses, divisions, institutes, centres and units.
Client’s Responsibility
As a means of ensuring that UiTM is able to implement the Charter efficiently and effectively, we seek the cooperation of our clients to:
  • Understand the rights of clients under the charter;
  • Observe all relevant regulations, directives, rules and guidelines;
  • Utilise all available facilities in a responsible manner.


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Contact Us

Faculty of Business and Management
42300 UiTM Cawangan Selangor
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Email: fbm.care@uitm.edu.my 
Tel: +603-3258 7042 (Academic Affairs)/+603-3258 5028 (Student Affairs)/+603-3258 7045 (Administration)



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